Friday, January 05, 2007

Xmas Recycled Sweater Gifts

I promised to post photos of my handmade Christmas gifts, so I'll start with the recycled sweater felting items. They were well-received!

Here are my three nieces with their gifts, Maris, Alexa and Lindsay:

And here's little Lexi, a born photo model, and a close-up of her sweater, which was the first recycled wool item I made and got me hooked:

Maris's book bag up close:

Lindsay's purse up close:

I'll definitely be doing more of these types of items. It's so easy! Just wash the old sweater in the washer in hot water, dry it in the dryer, then use it just like fabric. When you cut it, it does not unravel. The only part that was time-consuming was the knitted fluff on the book bag and purse. It takes a while to punch holes in the felt, get the yarn situated ont he needles, then do the knitting. But I love the touch it adds.

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