Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Art Journal Pages are Published!

I just received my copy of 1000 Artist Journal Pages and have been staring at pages 76 and 77, which contain images of three of my art journal pages. Have a look!

You can see more about the book on Amazon. It really is well done. the pages are varied and interesting and, most of all, inspiring! More than 300 gorgeous, large pages, which I think makes it a great buy.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Niche Book Class: Success!

Last week I taught an art camp for kids, four hours a day for five straight days. I was blown away by the kids' interest and industriousness! They produced stunning books with a niche cut into the back to house several treasures, each of which corresponded to a spread in the book. We did more than 20 collage, acrylic, and mixed media techniques.

This photo shows the width, weight and colorful look of the finished books:

Here's the group (with my art work displayed at the art center in the background!):

And here are several of their covers, which were textured with spackle, into which we embedded items and drew lines, etc. We then painted them and added metallic with Rub 'n buff.

Here are some random interior pages, with envelopes and pockets and tags:

Here are some awesome pop-up pages!

And finally, here are some of the secret niches, with their symbolic items inside:

If you're interested in seeing more photos of the class, you can go to my flickr page here. Or you can go to Melissa's Mac page here.