Friday, November 21, 2008

Recycled Wool Sweaters Galore

I've been quite the assembly line worker the past couple of weeks. A shop here in Ojai, Made in Ojai, has been selling my iPod covers, and they asked for some Xmas stockings. then I had the idea to make larger pouches for jewelry, lingerie, eyeglasses, etc.

So off I went. Can't do anything in a minor way, now, can I?

They're also having little boutiques with all the artists whose work they sell every Sunday in December, so I'll sell some of these items there.

You should see all the sweater fuzz all over my house!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Low-tech Printmaking

Last Sunday I began a series of classes at Vita Art Center in Ventura which promised a unique approach to printmaking. Well, instructor Chris certainly delivered!

He's created a print frame for monoprints and uses his truck as the press!

Have a look:

It's truly ingenious, but results in him running in and out of class and driving his truck back and forth about a hundred times! Talk about a dedication to art . . .

Another Great Giveawway

Hop on over to the Retro Café blog for your chance to win a huge collection of eyelets!