Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Xmas Hats

I was stoked when my sister and her family moved to Denver. Not that I wouldn't miss them terribly, but it gave me four people to knit for who would actually need warm stuff! I made them all hats for Christmas.

Here's Jen wearing Lexi's hat:

And in this one Lexi was way too interested in pumpkin pie to cheerfully have her photo taken:

Who wants pie?

Felted Xmas Stockings

My new "gift item" this Christmas was stockings made from felted thrift store sweaters. These are fun, quick to make, and I think they'll be wonderful family heirlooms.

I made this one for my son, who loves anything black:

This one was for my daughter:

Here's the one I made for my daughter's boyfriend:

And here's my mom's:

And finally my dad's (this one is a little different on the front and back):

Everyone seemed to enjoy them. Next year, I'm making one each for myself and my hubby!

Ojai House Artist Faire

My friend Jean and I participated in a pre-Christmas art faire at a local shop, where we shared a table. It was an enjoyable afternoon, and fun to see what the other vendors were up to, but most of the attendees were just looking for ideas, I think. Can't blame them, I do the same thing!

Here are a few shots of our table.

We were situated under a huge old oak tree, which was beautiful, but not great for photos!