Saturday, February 10, 2007

Susan's Freeform Purse

I'm absolutely fascinated by freeform knitting. I'm just beginning to understand all the amazing artwork that can be created with it. I just finished a purse in purples and aquas. As often happens, after I was about halfway finished, I realized who should have it. My friend Susan loves these colors, and it just looked like her kind of thing. I gave it to her a couple of days ago she seemed to love it.

Here's the front of the purse:

And a closeup of the front:

Here's the back:

And a closeup of the back:

To see some incredible examples of the ultimate in ths art form, go to Prudence Mapstone's site.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Black & White Postcards

I joined an online group in which I'm doing a monthly postcard exchange with eight other women. Each month has a color theme, and other than that we're free to create whatever moves us at the moment. The first month's colors were black and white, which I found much more challenging than I'd anticipated.

Black made me think of crows and ravens, which are a current fascination for me, so I started with an inket transfer of a raven and a really cool doorknob, plus a quote from an article about ravens and their mythical significance, and came up with these cards:

I just wasn't sure about this one, as I'd never seen any of the artwork from the other women in the group, so I set it aside and created something a little more "mainstream." I started with a vintage black and white postcard of a gargoyle, and some black and white scrapbook papers, and came up with this card:

I went ahead and sent this one, then had second thoughts and sent the first one too! So, the first impression the others have of me is a schizoid, insecure artist. That's okay, though, wait until they see what I'm working on for February, in reds!