Friday, April 30, 2010

Tiny Self

I had a ball last night at a "create together" event for Made in Ojai AND finished this piece for the Tiny Self exhibit!

Forays Into Jewelry

oh, boy. I've been resisting jewelry making for some time, knowing that I don't have room for more STUFF in my house. But I've succumbed (sp?).

Here are some funky steampunk necklaces I made from thrift store finds and old watch parts:

And some cocoon bead bracelets (a Nina Bagley invention taught to me by Diana):

And the jewel in the crown: a pendant I made in a class with Carl Stanley. This is done 100% from scratch, with sheets of sterling silver, copper, sterling wire, a Cubic Zirconia, and found objects. There are eight (count 'em!) cold connections in this baby, including three kinds of handmade rivets, folding tabs, and staples. What a learning experience!

Stitched Collage Class

I taught a fantastic, relaxed stitched collage class at Vita Art Center this week. Just four students, which is not all that profitable, but is SO much easier than a larger class.

Here are the students hard at work:

And their amazing artwork:




Love the treatment Patty gave to the core of this apple image!


Mom's Day Felted Flowers

Oooh, having a ball making these felted flowers out of thrift store sweaters! Some have become pins, some magnets, and who knows where else they will end up?