Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Cyber Fyber Postcard Exhibit and Exchange

Here's a cool idea: exchange fiber postcards with others around the world, then create an online exhibit AND a gallery exhibit from all the postcards received. This idea was hatched by Susan Lenz, who has created 163 postcards she is offering for exchange. Busy gal! You can arrange a trade with her through her web site here.

I just received this sumptuous card from Susan in the mail. It is encrusted with metallic paint, sewn in embroidery patterns with metallic threads, and features some handmade felt and a gorgeous button.

Be sure to click on the photo so you can see the fantastic detail.

Now I've got this incredibly high standard to meet. Off to the studio to start creating!

Carol Parks' Valentine Tea

I had the good fortune (thanks, Melissa!) to be invited to Carol Parks' Valentine tea last Saturday. It was a grand time, with amazing and beautiful food and company, not to mention loads of raffle prizes! The valentine exchange was the highlight of the afternoon. I've scanned some of the fun goodies I received. I haven't received this many Valentines since about 6th grade! And I've NEVER received Valentines like these.

Carol has started a non-profit organization to provide day care for the elderly and kids together, so all raffle proceeds went to that cause. For $5 she also composed poems for us based on a single word we chose. My word was "fantastic."

Carol hosts art workshops at her home and studio, and sells some fun art and kits on her web site. Be sure to visit her here.