Monday, February 05, 2007

Black & White Postcards

I joined an online group in which I'm doing a monthly postcard exchange with eight other women. Each month has a color theme, and other than that we're free to create whatever moves us at the moment. The first month's colors were black and white, which I found much more challenging than I'd anticipated.

Black made me think of crows and ravens, which are a current fascination for me, so I started with an inket transfer of a raven and a really cool doorknob, plus a quote from an article about ravens and their mythical significance, and came up with these cards:

I just wasn't sure about this one, as I'd never seen any of the artwork from the other women in the group, so I set it aside and created something a little more "mainstream." I started with a vintage black and white postcard of a gargoyle, and some black and white scrapbook papers, and came up with this card:

I went ahead and sent this one, then had second thoughts and sent the first one too! So, the first impression the others have of me is a schizoid, insecure artist. That's okay, though, wait until they see what I'm working on for February, in reds!


Shari Beaubien said...

These cards are wonderful, Lori, and how lucky the receipient will be to get both! I knew this swap would be right up your alley! Hugs, Shari

Nona said...

Ha ha ha! :D Lori, this is such a wonderful story! Actually, MY first impression is of an artist simply overflowing with great visual ideas! Can't wait for February's reds. Cheers, Nona