Thursday, January 04, 2007

Beautiful, Inspiring Sedona

Wow. The end of the year is like the second half of the biggest hill on a roller coaster. The past two weeks have gone by in about 48 hours!

I guess I'll work backward to try to catch up on all the news and artwork.

First, we just returned from a wonderful week in Sedona with Lianne and her boyfriend Dan. My sister Jennifer was also there with her family, and we had some fun game nights with them. The kids AND adults were mesmerized by the new Wii game system. It was amazing to watch my two-year-old niece play it successfully!

Here are a few photos of the gang and the incredible Sedona scenery:

Here are Lianne and Dan and my nephew Ryan and his stepbrother Jimmy at the top of a rock formation just behind my parents' vacation home that we call "No Name." I felt like I might throw up when I got to the top, but it was worth it!

Here is part of the hiking gang at a beautiful lookout spot on the way up. Even Tinkerbell made the trip.

This is my sister playing Vanna and showing off coffee pot rock from the viewpoint at the Sedona airport.

And here's the entire gang (minus the photographer).

I do occasionally insist that someone else take a photo, so I can prove I have been to these places I always talk about!

I can't say enough about how it feels to be in this unique place. I will always be grateful to have found a vacation spot that is so relaxing and renewing and unique!

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Beverly Bancroft said...

Happy New Year. Love your blog and look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work this year. Keep updating us on the family also. One thing, did Mark have fun on your Sedona trip? I think I saw a itty bitty smile. :)