Thursday, May 22, 2008

Tinkerbell's Broken Tail

Did you know a dog can break its tail?? I didn't. But last weekend, after Tinkerbell had a fall while trying to jump from a chair to the couch, we noticed her tail was hanging down at an odd angle. A trip to the vet, x-rays, and several hundred dollars later, and we now have this bandaged appendage!

The vertebra she broke looks about the size of a pencil lead on the x-ray, but you could clearly see she had snapped it right in half. Fortunately, she acts like she's always had this bandage on her backside!


marianna metke said...

The things we do for our four-footed furry family members! Bandaging broken tails, making smoothies to put through feeding tubes, etc., etc., etc.,---Our ruffy cat is doing much better...his feeding tube came out a couple of weeks ago and he slowly regaining the strength to deal with his "harem" of three blue-eyed girl cats...

Nona Parry said...

Tink looks hale & hearty as she disciplines that toy! Glad she's such a happy camper after her fall!