Thursday, May 22, 2008

Painted Buttons

A while back, I bought a lot of really cool painted buttons on eBay. Unfortunately, when they arrived they wreaked of cigarette smoke, so I cleverly soaked them in soap and baking soda. When I rinsed them, though, most of the paint went down the drain.

I've had them all taped to foamcore for months, waiting to be repainted, and I finally got to it last Sunday while DH was away all day at a tennis clinic. After spending half the day painting with acrylic paints and a brush, I discovered paint pens were the magic ticket for this kind of job. They took half the time and put on much smoother, brighter, and controllable color. Live and learn.

Here are the results. I'm going to let the kids use these for their niche books, if they want to.

Here's the whole lot. Yes, I am nuts. But this is my therapy!


Nona Parry said...

Lori, they're so lively and exciting! They really remind me of your mosaics :-)
I know the kids will love them, too!

Beverly said...

One can never have enough buttons and these are great.