Thursday, May 03, 2007

My First Knitted Garment!

It fits! I've spent the last two months knitting the pieces of a sweater from recycled silk, hoping I knew enough to adjust the pattern for my long body and arms. Here are the pieces when they were all done:

And here it is all put together!

I'll be making more sweaters for myself. It's amazing to have one that actually fits.


Anonymous said...

Yeh Lori! Your sweater is beautiful! Don't you just love that yarn? Once you make a garment it's prepared for the garment/knit mania. It's even worse when you make socks! congrats on your achievement!
Lisa Musgrove

Nona Parry said...

Oh Lori, it's Gorgeous! And what fun to have a hand-made-just-for-you designer Silk cardi!

Shari Beaubien said...

Simply awesome, Lori! Artsy and functional all at the same time. And a big thanks for coming out to see me, once again! Hugs, Shari

Anonymous said...

:~:~*Hello again~!*~:~:

This is one hobby I would like to get into once I have the space + time to devout to it!! I attempted knitting about three years back, came up with a great rhythum but lack of space + time prevented me from continuing! I'll have to let you know how my first piece turns out! =) Even if it will be quite a long time from now! =/

~~:~:*I liked how you assembled the pattern + the colours~*~:~