Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Bags and More Bags

Somehow I just can't stop making bags. While my sister-in-law was here recently, we worked on some sewing projects, and these are two of the items I created. Bev brought her super-computerized sewing machine, her serger, AND her embroidery machine all the way down from Redding. It looked like a sweat shop in our living room!

First we worked on recycled wool items and I made this backpack:

I made a couple more recycled wool items, but I can't show them here yet because they're going to be Xmas presents.

We had a ball painting canvas and stamping it with foam stamps and acrylic paint, them made some of it into canvas totes:

I'm using this one for a knitting bag, but the other canvas I painted will also become some Xmas gifts. Hey, I've got to do SOMETHING with all this stuff I make!


Marr Williams said...

Both bags turned out great but that back pack is to DIE FOR! Great job :)

I so need to buy a serger.

Nona Parry said...

Lori, these are Gorgeous!! as usual :-)

Your attention to detail really shows in your pix. I am amazed at how neatly everything is lined -- it must be love!