Friday, January 25, 2008

Family and Pets in Denver

I've just returned from 10 days in Denver with family. Within the past year, my son moved there and so did my sister and her family, so now it's a place I visit, whereas I'd never been there before a year ago!

I'm just going to dump in a bunch of photos with a little commentary here.

First of all, my son Kyle is very camera shy, so I only got two good shots of him. In one of them he's squinting from the bright sun on the snow, and in the other, well, you see how he loves having his photo taken. We had a really good visit, and it was fantastic to see him after 14 months!

My sister's kids, on the other hand, are little hams when the camera is pointed at them. And their dogs and cat are pretty photogenic too!

We had one good snowfall while I was there, and this Cali girl had to get a few shots:

The day after the snowfall, we went out to the ranch where my sister keeps her horse. It was just gorgeous out there, but sunglasses were a must:

Jen's horse, Flint, is a bit of a ham for the camera as well.

Nephew Ryan has joined scouts, and I got a good shot of him before a meeting. I also made it to his first-ever basketball game, but I forgot my camera!

I had grand plans for all the knitting I was going to do while I was there, but this hat for my sister is the only item I finished (doesn't it look great with here eyes?). I started a glove but ripped it out because it was such a mess, and am halfway through a lacy scarf too.

That's it for my vacation photos. Enjoy!

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Reine d' esther said...

you have a fascinating families. ^^ woah winters !! those snow were so beautiful !! ^^ i wish i was there ^^