Monday, September 10, 2007

Recycled Sweater Bags for the Boutique

I've been a sewing fool for the past week and managed to complete FOUR recycled sweater bags to sell at our holiday boutique.

The first two are for young girls and are nearly identical:

The next is a tote that would work well for a knitting or crochet bag. I used a wonderful embroidered skirt from the thrift store for the lining.

The last is a book bag for a guy, or a non-girly girl. These photos are kind of dark, but you get the idea.

Mark's colleague who's been sending me sweaters from the Northwest suggested reusing the tags from the sweaters, so Mark chose the Bullock's tag for this bag. I wanted to use one that a guy would think was cool.

I'm almost done with a fifth bag, too! Now I just need to decide how to price these babies. I want them to sell, but I want to feel like I'm getting what they're worth as handmade items. Feedback would be appreciated!

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