Wednesday, September 12, 2007

MORE Recycled Sweater Bags

Just completed two more sweater bags for our boutique on November 10.

The first was one of those ideas you regret about halfway through. I had an image of a bag that resembled a crazy quilt, with random patches of felted sweater fabric and strips of antique lace in between. Let's just say I used up TWO LARGE spools of off-white thread making this one happen! The strap is a really cool black satin belt with a rhinestone buckle, but since my photo background is black, of course you can't see it. And the colors are really washed out in the photos. I have GOT to take a photography class!

The other bag was really fun and quick. I had found a funky hand-knit sweater at the thrift store, and it almost made itself into a bag. The cuff around the top of the bag is actually the waistband of of the sweater. The wonderful abstract designs were part of the original sweater design. The pocket I made on the back is from the sleeve cuff. The strap is a red leather embroidered belt, and the leather strips were already hanging off the ends, so I just added some big funky beads. All together, I'd say this one took about 3-4 hours. But why does the red look so orange in the photos???

I have enough sweaters to keep making these daily for the rest of the year, I think!

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Michelle said...

You've been busy! I love the back pocket ones!