Monday, March 19, 2007

Jen's Recycled Sweater Purse

Just finished a purse for my sister, which she really loves. If you look back in my January posts, you'll see her daughter Alexa with a pink and dark gray sweater I made her, and Jen requested a purse in the same colors. So, here's what she got:

I lined this one, since I know she'll be giving it some abuse, and the lining helps strengthen the purse, since it's not stretchy like the felted sweater fabric.

These are so quick and easy to make. My friend Melissa came up last week and made one for her daughter, and she's hardly sewn before. I'll post a photo of that one as soon as she sends it to me (and you can bet I'll be bugging her about it!).

I'm hoping to get back to posting more often. I've been working on some personal artwork lately that I'm not ready to share. I picked up a pretty profound book, at least for me, called The Soul's Palette, and have been doing some of the exercises it contains that are purely process-oriented. Thus, not a lot of showable work, but I'm stunned at the personal transformations that can take place when you let your feelings out on paper and pay attention to the images you choose to work with. More on this topic later!

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