Thursday, February 22, 2007

February is for RED

Somehow, without conscious effort, I've been making a lot of red art this month. Now, I'm not big on Valentine's Day, as i think it's a Hallmark Holiday, but red has been speaking to me this month.

SPOILER: for those of you in my postcard exhcange group, I'm posting photos of my Feb. cards, which you have not received yet!

First, I was inspired by a broken red glass bowl a friend of my Mom's gave me, as she knows I do mosaic. It was this gorgeous, thick red glass with a scalloped edge tipped in gold. I tranformed it into a candle holder, which ended up with more of a gothic feel than I intended:

Here's the best photo I could get without a tripod when the candle was lit:

Looks like it belongs in Kyle's apartment. Hmmm . . . .

February's color theme for the postcard exchange was red, and somehow I ended up with an India and Yoga theme for this one. The background is created with gesso and tissue paper and various texturing effects:

It's kinda cool to see them all together:

And I'm only sending ONE this month!


Shari Beaubien said...

Love the reds, Lori. And your candleholder is wonderfully warm when lit. Very cool. Hugs, SHari

Nona said...

These were much better IRL than in the pic. I'm so lucky to have received one myself!

Nona said...

Lori, These are much better IRL than in the pic! So lucky to have received one myself!