Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Decorative Touches

Okay, I admit I'm not taking a utilitarian approach to this room. It's just as important to me that I FEEL good when I'm in there as it is that I can locate what I need to create. So, I've been focusing on making the room look and feel colorful, feminine, and inspiring.

I finished the table cover for the folding table that will hold jars of brushes, pencils, markers, and all the stuff I need to be able to grab quickly. I ordered glass for the top of the table, but it is not in yet. Here's the cover, though.

I also stamped a design onto the old curtains I'm using from the dining room and got those hung:

Ah, but here is an item that is both decorative and practical. I've mentioned this locker-type cabinet before, and it's finally painted, in the room, and full! I'm still thinking of collaging the panels on the door, but as that's purely decorative (!), I decided to move it to the bottom of the list.

OOoohh, FedEx just delivered my cork to make my bulletin board. Gotta go . . .

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