Monday, June 14, 2010

Ugh. Jewelry is HARD to photograph!

Just a few shots of new works, some of which I sold at this weekend's Music Festival.

I actually sold a few pieces that I hadn't photographed, 'cause I got frustrated trying to get shots that weren't blurry or blown out.

Time for a digital photo class??


Colleen D. Gjefle said...

Been enjoying your blog Lori. I'm an artist and a jewelry photographer. Hints - make yourself a light tent with a white translucent fabric. Place lights on either side to help even out the lighting on the jewelry. The brown or yellow effect is probably due to not having the white balance on your camera set correctly. Depending on your camera, probably the incandescent setting will be what you need - this tends to work with the newer "daylight balanced" fluorescents as well. You can see my jewelry shots at - email me if you have more questions. Good luck and nice jewelry!

Colleen D. Gjefle said...

One more suggestion - don't forget to set your camera to the MACRO setting - that's the little flower symbol. This means it will focus closer and help you with a sharp, non-blurry image.