Sunday, April 19, 2009

Stencilry Class

Whoooo, baby! I'm having so much fun with spray paint and stencils! I signed up for an online class with Mary Ann Moss, both because I wanted to learn more about stenciling and because I wanted to see what the online class thing was all about. I have to say, Mary Ann sets the bar very high, with a 15-20 page booklet for every lesson, a number of online videos, a class blog with samples, links to supplies, and lots of inspiration.

The first lesson was all about using "found" (as opposed to commercial or cut) stencils. I cheated a bit, and as usual I had to do thousands of these once I got started. The colors are quite a bit more vibrant than they look here, at lease on my monitor.

These use a lot of silver paint, which doesn't photograph well. just imagine much of the white as silver. It's quite cool!

These are done using painter's tape as a mask:

I'm still working on my portfolio cover for the class. Photos coming soon!

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