Friday, June 13, 2008

Nature Prints

I've had a ball playing with nature prints lately in anticipation of teaching a nature journal class with Melissa in August.

These are done by laying leaves on dark paper and spraying with diluted bleach:

These are done the same way, but spraying paint instead of bleach and moving the leaves and then spraying again with another color:

And these are also done by spraying paint, but onto coffee filters:

And these are done by taking the leaves with the paint on them off the paper or coffee filters and pressing them onto another piece of paper, or in some cases I laid the new paper on top of the sprayed leaves and filters, then pressed it down.

And these I think are the coolest. They are flower poundings. You take flowers and leaves and lay them on the paper, cover with waxed paper, and gently tap with a hammer to transfer the pigment from the flowers to the paper!

After they were dry, I sprayed them all with acrylic spray to seal them, so I can use them in altered books and collage. I will do this kind of thing MORE!


Nona Parry said...

You really ARE the goddess of hand decorated papers! Your eye for colour and design is amazing!

Are you going to offer some of these in your paper packs?

Beverly said...

Oh My Gosh, my head is spinning! I want to do this on fabric and make pillows, and purses, and scarfs, and well, everything! How you inspire me.