Sunday, April 27, 2008

Thrift Store Finds

The past couple of weeks have been a thrift shop bonanza for my art room. I found two cabinets with shallow drawers perfect for collage papers:

Of course the domino effect was in full, well, effect (or should one of those be affect? Have to ask my linguist daughter). Anyway, rearranging to put those cabinets in meant a few things lost their homes, so I needed a small bookcase, which I found for $16, along with the book holders with the small drawers underneath, for another $16.

If you think it looks like semi-organized chaos in my art room, I'd say you're very perceptive.

The fun find of the month, though, is the little crumb brush and dustpan I found for $3.99:

Can't you just picture the penguin-suited waiter with his white gloves brandishing this little baby between courses? You can't? Hmmm . . . I must have read too many English novels lately.


Nona Parry said...

I am Totally Jealous!! How perfectly perfect for your art room!!

Paper Dolls for Boys said...

Those drawers are PERFECT. You had good thrifting juju that day!
Cheers, Tracey