Sunday, April 13, 2008

Kelly's Faces Class

Last weekend Jean and I took a fun and different class with Kelly Kilmer. We chose faces from magazines and painted over them to give them a unique, arty effect.

Here are some of the works in progress I snapped during the class:

These are Kelly's faces, dashed off in what seemed like moments, while the rest of us struggled and worked painstakingly on our pieces!

Kelly and Annette having fun. The food provided by our host Staci put everyone in a great mood:

And here's Jean at work on my favorite face of the day:

Lastly, here are my faces:

Jean and I plan to get together to do more of these, and then scan them to use in our collages and altered books. Leave it to Kelly to come up with such an innovative by relatively simple idea!

1 comment:

Kelly Kilmer said...

I *love* the faces!!! Quite cool! Thanks for sharing, Lori!!! :)