Sunday, September 23, 2007

SIX New Recycled Sweater Book Bags

I've been a busy beaver the past week and managed to turn out six new book bags for the boutique. For more information on the Ojai Handcrafts Boutique, click here.

The first bag uses a blue patterned sweater with a pair of off-white pants for the lining and pockets.

The next bag is made from a blue and purple patterned sweater and a pair of army green pants:

This one would be appropriate for a guy, with it's dark, patterned sweater and army green pants pockets and hardware-ish trim:

This one is made from an awesome bright orange and chocolate brown ski sweater and pockets from another pair of army green pants. The photo of the inside lining and pockets was too blurry to show here.

This one is one of my favorites. The front of the sweater had such a pretty pattern and great colors, but it wasn't enough for the bag flap, unless I just buttoned it up and used the placket too! And the women's pants I used for the lining and pockets had some wonderful embroidery down the leg that made an interesting lining.

The last one is made from a gorgeous red and gray and off-white sweater and a red women's skort that had drawstrings below the pockets.

So that's it for the book bags for now. I'm going to start on baby sweaters next.


Lauri said...

These bags are all sooo cool! I love your other things, also. Took a look around at the Ojai art fest blog...that lavendar is too gorgeous, and oh my gosh, those little 'stuffies'!!! I just want it all...not so much to ask, huh? lol!

primdollie said...

wow amazing!!! need to figure out how to make some and actually do linings!!! these are fabulous and would love one for my knitting and all!!! your work is awesome!!!! Hugs Linda