Monday, July 02, 2007

Bob and Marianna's Recycled Sweater Bags

Oooh, this recycled sweater bag thing is so much fun! And now it's turned into recycled shorts and vests and coveralls too.

These bags were made for Mark's colleague Bob, who has been sending me sweaters from Washington and BC Canada by the droves, and his wife Marianna. I think they're a new step forward in my bag-making journey.

Bob's bag is a book bag, with pockets from a child's pair of rip-stop shorts on the flap and a belt for the strap:

The lining is made from a rip-stop vest, with the pockets cut off and repositioned:

(these two are shot with the bag turned inside out)

I made Marianna a tote bag in bright colors, which I know she likes, with buttons to snaz it up a bit:

The inside of her bag is made from a pair of bright yellow coveralls. Here's the lining before I put it into the bag:

I have four (4!) boxes of sweaters already felted, so I guess I'll start a recycled sweater bag factory: thanks, Bob!

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primdollie said...

wow just found your blog thru collage cats!!!and LOVE these bags!!!! and would love to know how you make them a little if you don't mind sharing!!! I am a spinner and a knitter (and mixed media and jewelry etc!!) and have knit and felted my bags but love the idea here with the lining (which I have to say i am not very good at!!!!) anyway your etsy site is wonderful and I have one and do ebay too!! anyway thanks love your blog and would love to add it to mine if ok?? let me know!! Hugs Linda