Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Blank Canvas

Here's where I start. The room has been spackled and textured and the walls are clean. That took two days! Not counting the time it took to just get everything out of there. You should see the rest of the house. ;-(

Then I started playing with color. I think I could have bought a couple of gallons of paint for what I've spent on paint samples. But this part is IMPORTANT! I want bright, I want inspiring, I want feminine. I've NEVER been able to start from zero and do ANYTHING I want with an entire room. This is HUGE!

I like the dark, pinkish red and the orangish pink, but I don't like any of the yellows. and the blue and green add too much masculinity. So it's back to the paint store for more samples of yellow today. And a gallon of primer to cover up all these swatches!


Jean said...

I am glad you live so close to
the paint store !

Melissa said...

I am so impressed, you go girl!